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Orthodontics Manufacturer Promotes Growth and Productivity with Powerful ERP System

American Orthodontics designs, manufactures, and distributes a large portfolio of orthodontic products. Employing its own team of automation engineers who design manufacturing machinery, American Orthodontics brings remarkable innovation to the manufacturing process and the design of its products. These products often consist of multiple components and materials, resulting in remarkable complexity in the company’s processes for materials planning and sourcing.

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3PL Evaluation and Selection Process

Supply chains have evolved to become demand-driven value networks (DDVNs). Companies that want to survive in the 21st century must operate in networked models. These companies must focus on what they can do best, and outsource to partners to manage processes and activities that do not represent strategic differentiation for the company. In the supply chain, this often means using

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ProShip Expedites Tens of Thousands of Packages to Waiting Pet Owners

Challenge Drs. Foster & Smith is adored by pet lovers everywhere, who count on them for home delivery of all things pet-related. From their headquarters in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, the privately held catalog and internet company expedites tens of thousands of packages to waiting pet owners a day. When that involves items as diverse as live, exotic fish and catnip toys,

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