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MILWAUKEE, WI – September 23, 2013 – ProShip announced its sales and marketing focus on omnichannel fulfillment, as more and more consumers are pushing retailers to improve the shopping experience. ProShip software was built for speed, compliance and support. With that winning combination, ProShip has successfully mastered most industry markets and paved the way for a clear competitive advantage.

Recognizing that 79% of online shoppers rank the ability to track shipments through a personal computer or mobile device as the most important customer service feature, it seemed obvious that ProShip could assist the largest of retail shippers with an end-to-end experience that begins whenever and wherever the customer orders: in the store, from an e-commerce site, through catalogs and even seasonal or short-term locations.

An e-commerce customer expects instant information on shipping costs, order status and delivery times. This type of fulfillment requires real-time status feeds and better integration between systems for ordering, inventory and customer management. To ProShip, this is nothing “new” but what it has been doing from its inception. Helping to optimize this end-to-end omni-channel experience is transforming the way retail supply chains are delivering the goods.

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The power of ProShip allows customers to fulfill orders from traditional warehouses, stores and retail replenishment locations, as well as directly from vendors. By utilizing inventory that is closest to the customer, shipping costs can be minimized while decreasing transit times to customers, which in turn increases customer service, loyalty and sales. “We have provided shipping solutions to a number of large retail customers,” says John Berg, Principal Partner of Best Way Technologies. “Over the years these retail businesses have expanded into e-commerce with great success. They are now shipping globally, have multi-location chain stores, e-commerce sites, and central distribution centers and have excelled at embracing the omnichannel strategy with the help of ProShip.”

ProShip’s carrier relationships and fundamental industry knowledge has positioned ProShip software to be the retail businesses best advocate.

About ProShip, Inc.

ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company, is a global provider of software, technology, service and support offering responsive solutions that help its customers compete. ProShip is an IBM® Advanced Business Partner, SAP® Certified, Oracle® Gold Partner, and Microsoft® Business Solutions Provider dedicated to understanding its customers business in order to help effectively leverage technology.

ProShip presents specialized shipping solutions for businesses requiring a single enterprise-wide global software application for high-volume shipping. Installed at over 400 customers and over 4,000 customer sites around the world, the ProShip® Product Suite is an industry-leading multi-carrier parcel/LTL shipping solution.

As a company, ProShip, Inc. remains committed to offering the fastest, most compliant shipping software, IT services, hardware and exceptional support.