3 Hardware Solutions That’ll Make You a Better Business

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Companies in today’s marketplace are facing new strains and challenges that test the foundations on which businesses are built. From the crush of big data, to the need for flexible infrastructures and data in real-time, IT Departments must function more efficiently to handle increased operation and maintenance costs. After all, adapting IT to fit business needs is no longer an aspiration; it’s a necessity.

Here are 3 hardware solutions that will make business boom with improved efficiency:

  1. PureSystems — With the fastest time to value on the market today, PureSystems is a family of systems that is built to simplify management and use through superior integration. With over 20 industry options, as well as IBM Business Partner add-ons, customization and assimilation are the keys to a seamless, fine-tuned infrastructure. PureSystems is made up of three components:
    1. PureFlex — By combining servers, storage, networking, and virtualization, PureFlex integrates every necessary hardware and software component of an IT infrastructure while simplifying through unified management.
    2. PureData — This platform is designed to deliver accurate, efficient reporting through business analytics. With the ability to run alongside any kind of data management software, PureData makes a company’s collected data smarter and easier to process.
    3. PureApplication — As the cloud component of PureSystems, PureApp gives businesses the ability to efficiently manage, maintain, create, and deploy web and database applications across IT environments. Reduced install time and mobile application management are the huge positives here.
  2. Strowize v3700-7000 — Say goodbye to costly storage conversion projects. Designed to be implemented with speed in mind, Storwize is a new storage system that has made data migration flexible while simultaneously requiring no downtime and user interruptions. Storwize also has disaster recovery and data backup capabilities built in. This includes point-of-time backups that function independently, flash copy, and data mirroring.With the included bonus of managing external storage systems, it has never been easier to unite a company’s entire storage. Even active cloud engines are preloaded, eliminating the need for add-on projects. With easier installs and data conversions, as well as preloaded backup and cloud solutions, Strowize has changed the storage game with this all-inclusive solution.
  3. System X Servers — Supporting a plethora of Operating Systems — including Microsoft, Windows, and Linux — System X servers are designed to work with existing equipment to form a single interface that can operate physical and virtual servers from anywhere. This maximizes budgets while decreasing system complexity.The improved flexibility and scalability of these machines are built to withstand the new, challenging workloads and adapt to future changes through memory expansion. The eX5 system, for instance, allows users to expand the chassis, thus saving companies from having to purchase additional processors. Marked as the industry’s best performance per workload, System X offers companies the ability to grow as needed with advanced power management that reduces energy consumption up to $100 a year.

Overall, these new hardware solutions are designed to make businesses more efficient and competitive by improving the performance, function, and integration of IT systems.

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