ProShip Continues to Educate Its Customers

ProShip Customer Training EventThis past month, ProShip invited customers to attend a two-day technical training event on July 22 and 23 to become more knowledgeable of ProShip software and how to maximize its capabilities. Ten different employees welcomed and addressed ProShip customers at the company headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin. System engineers from development and integration facilitated sessions on ProShip Velocity/ILS, integrated version control and disaster recovery, as well as other functionality.

This opportunity was mutually beneficial, for the customers and ProShip. It gave company employees a chance to listen and better understand the invaluable perspective of ProShip customers. Likewise it gave the customers a chance to network with the ProShip engineers, developers and other customers for ideas on how to maximize the benefits of shipping with ProShip.

The training event highlights our strong customer commitment and guarantees ProShip continues to deliver leading edge global shipping solutions. ProShip looks forward to another training event in the future as it continues to hold up its value of providing the best support and products to its customers.