Dimensional Weight Changes, How ProShip Can Help

ProShip helps with dimensional weight changes

Each year we expect to hear about carrier rate increases, but this year we are additionally hearing about a switch to dimensional weight pricing on all ground packages for FedEx® and UPS® which will go into effect the beginning of 2015.

A critical issue for you to understand is that the change to dimensional weight pricing has the potential to substantially increase UPS shipping charge correction fees and FedEx “audited” charges. Moving forward, by not capturing the true dimensional weight, you will only be recognizing a portion of the total shipping cost at the time the package leaves your facility.

ProShip screen showing integration with dimensional scanner measurementsProShip screen showing direct integration with dimensional scanner and measurements.

The shipping cost for a box measuring 12x12x8 and weighing one pound could increase by $3.50 depending on the delivery zone. It will be important that you evaluate your current shipping practices and understand the implications of the upcoming FedEx and UPS changes.

ProShip has been helping customers reduce the complexity and recognize the benefits of dimensional weight shipping for years. ProShip easily interfaces with inline scales and dimensional scanners allowing customers to recognize significant savings.

ProShip Customers – Next Steps

Contact your ProShip account manager to learn more and to be prepared for 2015.


Don’t have ProShip but would like to know more about the features and benefits? Visit the ProShip Product Suite page for more information or download our free ProShip White Paper. We’d love to hear from you too, 800-353-7774.

More Information

UPS Announcement:


FedEx Announcement:



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