Omnichannel Initiatives: Getting Started (Part 3 of 3)

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More and more online shoppers are demanding access to products across all channels. So what should retailers take into consideration in order to deliver a satisfactory omnichannel experience? Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Ship from Store

According to “Consumers Demand Omnichannel, So Where Do You Begin” by Heather Bonura, the first action to take is to ship from the retail store. Retailers implementing a ship from store strategy are experiencing online revenue growth. This approach transforms the store into a fulfillment center and exposes a larger inventory of products to its online customers.

In-Store Pickup

The next strategy Ms. Bonura recommends is offering in-store pickup. However this means retailers have to be sure their inventory is accurate. Inaccurate inventory can ruin a brand image. In contrast, accurate inventory can significantly improve the customer’s shopping experience. In-store pickup orders need to be fulfilled in a timely way that involves training and setting up a process that enables customers to pick up their orders as soon as they arrive in the store. Retailers need to prepare to meet the growing demands of consumers who want to be able to purchase when, how and where they choose. Although this may complicate matters for vendors, successful retailers using an omnichannel approach with the right technologies, support and processes can meet these challenges in a cost efficient manner.

Online shoppers around the world want to know their purchase and delivery options upfront, particularly when it comes to the total cost of their purchases.

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Part 2: The Role of E-Commerce in the Fulfillment Business

Sources: Consumers Demand Omnichannel, So Where Do You Begin – Heather Bonura


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