The smell of coffee every day – literally – at San Francisco Bay Coffee Company

Pictured above (left to right): Jess (Tilt Media), Devraj (SFB), Matt (SFB), Chris (SFB), Alan (ProShip), Carolyn W. (ProShip), Carolyn H. (ProShip), Dale (Tilt Media). Taking the picture, Lisa (Tilt Media).

Video production at the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company

(Video slideshow produced by Chris Swift, SFB)

Even as we pulled into the parking lot at San Francisco Bay Coffee Company, the smell of coffee was in the air. As you opened the doors into the facility it consumed you even more. We were in coffee heaven.

We travelled to the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company’s headquarters in Lincoln, CA just outside of Sacramento this past week to embark on a video case study. Accompanying us was our fabulous video group from Tilt Media out of Madison, WI. We were met with a smile and the entire SFB staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating throughout our entire stay. The video shoot couldn’t have gone better! With many laughs, wardrobe changes and silly blunders I think it’s safe to say we all had fun during the shoot. A big shout-out to Matt, Chris, Devraj, Paul and Susan from SFB for your time and enthusiastic energy. Stay tuned to see the final ProShip and SFB story.

[Download ProShip White Paper]

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