How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

Consumer expectations today are shifting to instant satisfaction. People want to know if the item they want is available, where it’s coming from and how quickly they can get it. This puts a lot of pressure on retailers, distribution centers, third party logistics (3PL) providers and carriers as they all work together to achieve the same goal – getting orders out to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

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However, cost-effective shipping can be a challenge because each shipment can potentially involve multiple carriers with numerous levels of services and constantly changing rates. Intricate business rules and shipping restrictions for parcels that differ in size and weight, include anything fragile, hazardous or perishable, or are shipped outside of the country further complicate the process.

In our white paper, “How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business, you’ll learn about:

  • 8 reasons why you should streamline your shipping process
  • The impact of inventory visibility and control
  • Better transport and logistics
  • Better shipping cost management
  • Shipping software features and benefits
  • And so much more!

According to “Shipping as a Marketing Tool for Boosting Sales” by Nadine Devisch, “Shipping has a major role to play in the overall online shopping experience.” As Ms. Devisch explains, “Shipping should be considered from the moment initial contact with the customer is made.

ProShip software ensures cost effective shipping with every shipment.

Furthermore, a report carried out by the European Commission in 2013, highlights that shipping strongly influences customer loyalty. It appears that the major reasons a customer makes a repeat online purchase are linked to logistics and transport such as free shipping, return options, delivery times and shipping updates. Shipping is therefore important not only to logistics experts, but also to sales and marketing specialists as it is an ideal tool for conversion and customer retention.

Adopting the right shipping strategy can give companies a competitive advantage, while providing an outstanding customer experience. Download the white paper today!


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