Jump start your 2016 by shifting to an integrated shipping solution

Your peak shipping season may be coming to a close which puts you in the driver’s seat to evaluate what went well and what could have gone better. Understanding the impact of fulfillment and delivery on your operations is the first step to determining where your systems are measuring up and where you need to consider making investments.

[White Paper]
How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

Download the white paper: How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

Some questions to ask:

  1. Do you rely on too many manual processes to get packages out the door?
  2. Are you rate shopping and leveraging multiple carriers to reduce shipping costs?
  3. Are you able to leverage inventory across your entire supply chain to fulfill customer orders fastest and with the least cost?
  4. Are your systems and technology integrated to give you better control, visibility and flexibility within your supply chain?
  5. Do you meet and deliver consistent customer experiences?

If you want to achieve a competitive advantage in the shipping world, you need to choose an integrated shipping solution rather than relying on manual processes or a carrier-provided application. Shipping software that can integrate with your Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS) or host system (ERP) can revolutionize your inventory utilization. Integrated fulfillment across all channels can help you reduce freight charges, shipping times and warehouse expenses by leveraging the fastest, least expensive routes. And when you can deliver more orders faster, it ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction.

You can learn more about integrated shipping solutions, better shipping cost management and the impact of inventory visibility and control in our white paper:  “How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business”. Download it today!

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