See Innovative Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers in Action at Home Delivery World

Retailers and shippers know how critical on-time delivery is to the total e-commerce customer experience. Customers want to get their order on the day they expect it and shippers strive to meet those expectations.

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But many recipients aren’t home during the day and their packages are simply left in the lobby for pick up, creating concerns about security, lost packages and re-delivery attempts. With the continued growth of shipping volumes, building owners and managers are faced with the challenges of signing for shipments, sorting and storing deliveries, and ensuring they get to the correct recipient, adding increased time and costs to building operations.

Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers provide convenient, secure storage for e-commerce deliveries. Visit ProShip booth #511 at Home Delivery World (March 30-31) to see just how simple and easy deliveries can be.

What are parcel lockers?

Packcity Parcel Lockers are an automated electronic “click and collect” system that securely stores packages for easy consumer retrieval. They are safe, reliable and convenient, allowing consumers to pick up packages on their schedule, 24/7. They help shippers to ensure a positive e-commerce experience, while serving as a productivity tool for large mailrooms, residential property managers, universities and retailers.

packcity-heads-to-home-deliveryAutomated parcel lockers provide an easy, three-step process to package retrieval:

  1. Package is delivered and placed into the parcel locker. Recipient receives a notification of delivery by email or SMS.
  2. Recipient enters a one-time PIN code at the locker station.
  3. Door opens for package retrieval.

Returning a package is just as easy:

  1. Recipient places the return label on the package.
  2. The label is scanned at the locker station.
  3. Locker door opens and customer places the package inside.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers:    

  • Convenient, 24/7 access to parcel pick up.
  • Total security for package delivery and reduced risk of lost packages.
  • Complete tracking and accountability for shippers, with a log of every package drop-off and pick-up – 100% chain of custody.
  • Electronic log record eliminates the need for required signatures
  • Consumers can select either email or text notification to receive their locker passcode.
  • Reduced labor costs with fewer internal resources required for parcel management, distribution and pick-up. Labor savings can justify the cost of the system.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers are win-win-win for shippers in meeting delivery expectations, for consumers who like the convenience of parcel lockers, and building owners who save time and money, while providing a much appreciated service for their residents. Retailers who install parcel lockers on site for e-commerce deliveries can also help drive increased traffic into brick and mortar stores.

Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers have been a great success in Europe. Now ProShip, Inc., a Neopost company known for its enterprise-wide multi-carrier shipping and manifesting solutions, has launched  them here in the U.S.

See what all the excitement is about at ProShip booth #511.

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