The Scourge of Porch Pirates

By Rick Urban

The term “Pirates” is one that brings up images of swashbuckling sea men armed with swords and sailing ships festooned with cannons. But more recently, we have used the word in modern-day expressions of pirates on the open seas of Somalia, or perhaps we have associated the word with individuals who sell copyrighted movies and music.

However, the most recent iteration of the term is the “Porch Pirate” – people who steal your packages right off of your doorstep. In 2015, it is estimated that $350 billion worth of online purchases were made. That’s $350 billion worth of packages being delivered throughout the country and across the world. That is a pretty enticing opportunity for so-called Porch Pirates. Consequently, an insurance report stated that 23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes.

This problem does not only affect single family homes. Many housing communities, whether condos or apartments, struggle with the same problem. Most communities lack package delivery policies and fail to offer secure and convenient areas for their tenant’s packages.

So how do you keep your community from becoming the next victim?


Get a secure package delivery system.

If you are a community manager, think about installing an intelligent parcel locker system. With intelligent parcel lockers, packages are dropped off at a single spot with each package placed in its own secure box. Once the package has been securely delivered, a text message or email with a personalized one-time code is delivered to the owner of the package. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, codes can be entered into the parcel lockers, and the individual box that holds the connected package opens for convenient retrieval. Once the package is removed, the box is again available for another carrier to load a new package.

Parcel lockers are convenient, secure and efficient. They virtually remove the burden of package management from housing community managers (whether in an apartment complexes, condos, or residential communities).

If you believe that package piracy is a problem, consider the option above, and together we can protect the communities around us.


Rick Urban is East Region Sales Director for Packcity Parel Lockers. To find out more about package locker systems, go to


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