ProShip heads up customer case study with Mason Companies and FedEx

We recently traveled to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, which is a beautiful city in the west central part of our state, to embark on a video case study with our customer Mason Companies and FedEx. We were met by a FedEx video crew from Creative Inferno and Running Pony. What a fun and creative group! The team at Mason Companies couldn’t have been more accommodating and up to the task when we arrived.

It’s lights, camera, action for Nathan Rucker, Director of Sales at ProShip.

For two days we shot interviews and b-roll at Mason’s three large distribution centers. Mason Companies is an e-commerce company that has 11 catalogs and online stores where they sell everything from TV’s to shoes to flooring. Some of their brands include ShoeMall, Stoneberry, Masseys and Figi’s. Mason ships anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 orders per day in which automation is key in their warehouses to ensure accuracy and on-time delivery to their customers. Due to their high order volume, Mason has a large customer service team to answer questions ranging anywhere from product inquiries to tracking shipping information.

ProShip shipping software is an integral part to their automation and their success. ProShip handles all of their barcode labels – from product labels to shipping labels to return labels. Rate shopping through ProShip has also helped Mason significantly reduce their shipping costs. As Mason continues to grow, ProShip grows with them to make sure that they never skip a beat.

The team we worked with for the video shoot was top notch and so much fun! A big shout out to the Mason team – Pat and Ryan, to the Creative Inferno team – Liza, Nicole and Greg, and to the Running Pony team – Greg and Nate. Stay tuned to see the final cut!

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