Why All Retailers MUST Start Thinking About Shipping Software Now

Consumers today want instant satisfaction when it comes to online purchases. People want to know if the item they want is available, where it’s coming from and how quickly they can get it. This puts a lot of pressure on retailers, distribution centers, third party logistics (3PL) providers and carrier as they all work together to achieve the same goal – getting orders out to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Implementing the right shipping software can give companies a competitive advantage, and when you can deliver more orders faster, it ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Statistics show that shipping software helps increase customer satisfaction

Statistics show that shipping software helps increase customer satisfaction.

Today, an impressive 40% of online shoppers abandon shopping carts because of delivery timing estimates. This is usually due to a couple of reasons: either the shipping cost is too expensive or they can’t get their purchase when they want it. In fact, more than 40% of online customers expect to see the availability of 2-3 day shipping, and 1/3 want to be able to choose overnight shipping.

Now, many people who don’t have shipping expertise think that in order to get a shipment to a destination the next day, they need to ship it with a costly next-day air service. However, very often a cheaper ground shipment service is just as efficient. With the right shipping software, you’ll be able to “rate shop” among your carriers and service levels to get the lowest cost while ensuring on-time delivery. One step further, by automating this process, you will simplify and streamline your transportation decisions – improving productivity, reducing errors and saving money.

This automated process will also help with getting your orders out for on-time delivery. 46% of online shoppers said that receiving their product when expected led them to recommend the online retailer. Shipping software goes the extra mile and provides Custom Address Validation Modules to ensure address accuracy. This can reduce or eliminate carrier charges for address corrections, thus allowing you to improve on-time delivery performance for your customers.

[White Paper]
How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

Download the white paper: How Shipping Software Will Boost Your Business

Another important feature that plays into your customers’ satisfaction is the ability to easily track their shipment. In fact, 38% of customers wish for the opportunity to track their purchases online. Shipping software is easy to integrate and will provide real-time, 360 degree visibility through the entire shipping process with live package status, delivery updates and electronic notifications for your customers. This visibility will empower customers to track their own packages, which will in turn save time for your shipping and customer service departments.

What about the forbidden land of returns? Sometimes even though the product was correct and it shipped on-time, the customer simply wants to return it. 62% of online purchasers want the option of a return label right in the box, which makes the process a lot easier for the customer and the retailer. Shipping software will allow you to streamline those returns and your reverse logistics process. It will even give you the ability to produce all of your shipping documents either electronically or as hard copy, from packing slips to carrier-compliant return labels.

Retailers that partner with shipping software providers will acquire the decision-making skills of a shipping expert, enabling them to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction!

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