Master the Complexities of International Shipping

If the world is your market, you already know that while the ability to ship products globally can contribute to the success of your company, it also presents a new set of challenges. Choosing the right software to manage your global transportation processes can make international shipping much easier. world

One of the best opportunities the Internet provides companies is the ability to sell to customers in previously unreachable marketplaces. It is no surprise that as the U.S. retail market matures, global e-commerce is rapidly growing. In a global study conducted by UPS and comScore, shoppers worldwide said that almost one in four (24%) of their purchases were made with online retailers outside their own country.

In the same global study, customers said that “providing estimated or guaranteed delivery date” and “providing the delivery date and shipping costs early in the process” were both extremely important to them when checking-out online. For example, Brazil and Mexico consumers want to see the number of days for a delivery to arrive, while other regions like Europe and Asia prefer seeing the expected date of arrival.

So, customers today want low shipping rates but fast arrival times, and as Postal Technologies explains,

“Warehouse Managers are continually challenged to find new solutions to increase the efficiency of their processes to save time, reduce risk of error, and ultimately satisfy the customer.”

5waystoautomateshippingprocessManual labor provided by distribution staff can be reduced dramatically by automating the shipping process. Furthermore, by partnering with a service provider, you will not only save on labor but also increase the accuracy of your operations. Shipping software can make international shipping as easy as “scan and ship,” with a simple five-step process.

Carrier compliance is also a key success factor for companies who have tapped into the international market. However, it’s a complex process that involves knowledge of import tariffs, packaging specifications, customs rules and regulations. If these aspects of the shipping process are not handled properly, this could lead to incurring additional fees, major delays in your deliveries or possibly even having the deliveries returned.

With multi-carrier shipping software, you can master the complexities of international trade. Whether you’re shipping to Asia, Europe, or South America, shipping software can perform the differing regulatory steps and will produce the required documentation and customs forms. Not only will shipping software handle shipping to other countries around the world, but also handles shipping from other countries around the world. Automatic rate shopping among international carriers assures you’re shipping the most economically when costs are the highest.

Interested in learning more about shipping software? CLICK to download a free white paper on how shipping software can boost your business whether you have international shipping needs or a variety of others.



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