The Significance of Shipping Options

Today’s consumer is driven by an ‘I want it now’ mentality, yet many retailers are struggling to deliver. Still, they are working hard to transform their supply chains into a customer-centric model to meet expectations. In fact, 27% of retailers are concerned with meeting customer expectations when it comes to shipping and logistics. Moreover, 86% of retailers believe that by offering multiple shipping options, they are better served to meet customer expectations. And guess what? They’re right!impact

More shipping options = more sales. Fact. 

Of 800 retailers asked, 86% said that they’ve seen an increase in sales when adding more shipping options at checkout. Other positive impacts include a reduction in shopping cart abandonment, an ability to meet customer expectations and shipping deadlines, and the ability to ship to a wider geographical area. That means more customers!

Giving consumers a choice at the checkout is now less of a feature, and more of a necessity. With only 71% of all retailers giving their customers a choice, its more important than ever to remain competitive. Just think, if a customer is choosing between your product and a competitor’s product, and you have the shipping option he/she wants, YOU WIN! Now, one sale isn’t going to impact much, but if this keeps happening again and again, your sales will skyrocket.

So in the age of ‘I want it now’, convenience is obviously key. Having multiple shipping options such as weekend delivery, time slot delivery and 1-3 hour shipping will impress your customers and keep them happy while generating you more revenue. Without these changes, traditional retailers will not be able to execute a truly customer-centric supply chain. Make sure you beat out your competitors before it’s too late!

[Learn more about increasing your shipping options]

This research is from a study done by Temando for their State of Shipping in Commerce 2016 report. The research surveyed 800 retailers in Australia, France, United Kingdom and the United States (200 retailers in each region).

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