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ProShip Heads to Parcel Forum

Coming up in early September, ProShip and Neopost USA will be exhibiting at Parcel Forum together in Dallas! For the last 13 years, Parcel Forum has been known for educating and enlightening those responsible for packaging, material handling, warehousing, shipping and distribution. Parcel Forum’s theme this year is “Moooving Forward,” a clever subject as the parcel shipping industry is continuously moving forward in terms of technology and

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3 Products to Optimize Order Fulfillment

By Mark Aument, Vice President of ProShip, Inc. As more and more consumers purchase items online, many retailers are facing growing challenges in keeping up with the demand. The dramatic growth in e-commerce has affected all aspects of the fulfillment process, from packing to shipping to delivery. Several innovative products in today’s market can help address these challenges, while increasing

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How International Shipping Automation Can Boost Your Business

Today’s consumers want instant satisfaction. People want to know if the item they choose is available, where it’s coming from and how quickly they can get it. This puts a lot of pressure on retailers, distribution centers, third party logistics (3PL) providers and carriers, especially when it comes to international shipping. If the world is your market, you already know

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Cut your shipping costs: A New Year’s resolution

As the holidays pass and the busiest part of the shipping season comes to a close, it’s a good time to look at your company’s parcel spend and understand how you can start to reduce your shipping costs without compromising on-time delivery requirements and quality. Here are some tips that can help cut your shipping costs and increase your profits.

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TigerDirect location

Automating delivery processes makes international shipping easy for e-commerce suppliers. E-commerce isn’t going away and neither are the businesses profiting from it. Customers can purchase any product from anywhere in the world with just a click, but for those in the delivery industry, tackling international shipping is not as simple. Although being able to ship products globally is part of

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