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The World of Returns and Reverse Logistics

Did you know that return options strongly influence customer loyalty? Picture Lucy. She’s one of your most valued customers, and she just received an item from your current catalog today. It fits great, feels great, but whoops, it’s just not her color. As she searches through the box her item came in, she’s surprised to find out that there’s no return label.

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CVP-500 Crucial Player for The Label Collective Group

Automation is crucial for The Label Collective Group, a Dutch company who supplies and produces labels to approximately 35,000 online customers, due to short delivery times. This fast turnaround is necessary since customers have the option of receiving their orders within 24-hours. Imagine what automated packaging can do for your business! Download CVP-500 Brochure The CVP-500 automated packing solution is

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ProShip heads up customer case study with Mason Companies and FedEx

We recently traveled to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, which is a beautiful city in the west central part of our state, to embark on a video case study with our customer Mason Companies and FedEx. We were met by a FedEx video crew from Creative Inferno and Running Pony. What a fun and creative group! The team at Mason Companies couldn’t

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