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The Importance of Carrier Compliance in Parcel Shipping

Compliancy in Shipping: Shippers that are certified by their parcel carriers and continually comply with ongoing rules and requirements for rating, labeling and manifest reporting Due to the rapid growth of e-commerce, parcel is becoming a more important transportation mode for retailers and manufacturers. Consequently, gone are the days when a shipper works with just one carrier. Leveraging multiple carriers and services is crucial to providing

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USPS Rate Changes for 2016

Effective January 17, 2016, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) implemented new postage rates for several mail classes and special services. Given that USPS hasn’t increased rates on Priority Mail since 2013, these changes have been expected for a while. Download the 2016 Postal Rate Guide Neopost’s latest rate guide has been updated to reflect January 2016 postal rate changes. Here

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Complete USPS services for ProShip customers

ProShip has partnered with Stamps.com, the leading provider of USPS shipping solutions to provide you with the fastest, most reliable access to the lowest USPS prices and most popular USPS services. All seamlessly integrated into ProShip software. Stamps.com offers: Check out IntuiShip savings in action! Access all USPS mail classes including Flat Rate and Regional Rate. Access to USPS discounts.

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The Shipping Symposium

Neopost USA shipping symposium

Get ready for big changes and find out how parcel shipping can work to your advantage. Register Online Today! Neopost USA invites you to a free event specially designed for organizations that ship more than 25 parcels a day. Learn everything you need to know about parcel shipping in 2015 from knowledgeable industry leaders. Special focus on changes to dimensional

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ProShip Software Achieves MAC USPS Certification

ProShip® is one of the first software shipping engines in the country to be Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC™) Cycle P Certified from the United States Post Office (USPS). This certification highlights ProShip’s commitment to offer the best carrier compliant, multi-carrier shipping software to its customers. The MAC™ Certification reinforces ProShip’s pledge to comply with the latest industry requirements. At

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